AM+A hosted a four-part webinar series to bring Slovenian gastronomy to would-be foodie travellers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Brief

With people unable to travel to Slovenia during the COVID-19 pandemic, continue to generate momentum for Slovenian gastronomy ahead of the country being named European Region of Gastronomy 2021.

Our Solution

+ Host a four-part ‘green gastronomy’ webinar series via Zoom that would allow journalists and the wider public to experience Slovenia’s hugely varied culinary offering from their own homes.

+ Stream all webinars live via the Feel Slovenia Facebook Page in order to reach their online audience of over 573,000 people.

+ Invite leading editors, journalists and influencers to attend the Zoom webinar, allowing them to interact directly with Slovenia's chefs and producers and to gain insight into unique Slovenian dishes, ingredients and recipes.

+ Recruit Slovenia's leading chefs, restaurants and food producers to take part in the webinar series, including star of Netflix series 'Chef's Table' and proud owner of 2 Michelin stars, Ana Ros.

- Webinar 1: An insight into Slovenia’s green gastronomy by Hisa Franko
- Webinar 2: Three Culinary Styles from Slovenia
- Webinar 3: A culinary Journey with Seven Slovenian Producers
- Webinar 4: An Outside the Box Perspective on Slovenian Cooking

What They Said

The Results

+ The four Zoom webinars were attended by over 70 media representatives including editors, journalists, freelancers and influencers from publications including The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Independent, National Geographic and Olive magazine.

+ By streaming the webinars live on the Feel Slovenia Facebook page, we generated the following statistics:

- People reached: 193,042
- Views: 62,000
- Engagements: 19,981
- Comments: 273

+ The webinars resulted in articles in National Geographic Traveller, The Independent and several food and travel blogs.

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