Creating an award-winning responsible tourism strategy to effectively manage the influx of tourists during Bohinj's busy summer months and Wild Flower Festival.

The Brief

Create an integrated campaign to showcase the region’s responsible tourism methods and tactics. AM+A worked with Turizem Bohinj to increase visitors to the Wild Flower Festival through strategic marketing and PR.

AM+A were tasked with creating a strategy that ensured local supply chains (food & drink, transport providers, community projects & local farmers) were always included in marketing and PR activities. This campaign continued to work towards getting Turizem Bohinj recognised as a EU leader in sustainable tourism.

Our Solution

AM+A created a strategic communications plan that included the following tactics:

Press Office Service

+ Creation of media centre & press information connected to key audiences

+ Long term and short term pitching

+ Media visit programme: pre, during and post festival

+ Event listings placement and full festival press office services

+ Round-up placement in media to promote local supply chains & producers

Engaging Communities

+ Stakeholder and third party partnerships

+ Creation of report on responsible tourism methods and best practices

Integrated strategy

+ Building up case studies from 10 years of reports and destination insights  

+ Defining and marketing the development of a 10-year destination strategy

+ Award entries: Responsible Tourism Awards and International Travel & Tourism Awards 2019

What They Said

"The AM+A team have been instrumental in supporting Turizem Bohinj's responsible tourism strategy by building up our reputation to become recognised as a leading sustainable green destination. They have also helped ensure that the Wild Flower Festival has been self-sustainable year on year by helping to promote it by generating outstanding publicity"
Klemen Langus, Director of Turizem Bohinj

The Results

AM+A work’s with Turizem Bohinj helped establish the destination as a leader in sustainable tourism, with the campaign being recognised by industry awards. Results included:

+ Awarded 'Best in Responsible Tourism' at the International Travel & Tourism Awards 2019

+ Content placement on influential travel websites and media platforms

+ Media coverage reaching audiences of 10,187,693

+ Organisation of press trips for major national newspapers including the Guardian, Gardeners' World and The Telegraph

+ Using social media to promote car-free travel contributed to an increase of 27,524 passengers on hop-on / hop-off bus. 58% of these journeys were completed in August, with the busiest weekend being 17-19 August, on which 1,513 passengers were transported tourists using hop-on/ hop-off bus.

+ By marketing key messages AM+A helped stop 5.8 tonnes of carbon emissions and finer particles matters being put into the air in 12 months (based on a low estimation)

+ The Wild Flower Festival increased participants by 50% between 2016 to 2018

+ Tourists to Bohinj have more than doubled in four years, increasing from 71,898 in 2014 to 155,995 in 2018

+ Social media campaign to promote the Green Bohinj Initiative Certificate saw 26% of tourism businesses involved

+ Used PR to showcase local supply chains of 64 different suppliers who signed up to the Bohinj certificate - all of which were promoted in marketing, PR material and press trips

+ Helped Turizem Bohinj win an EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence) award

Skills & Services Delivered


Content creation

Press office services

Press trip management

Third party collaborations  

Trade PR

Award entries & management

Recent Work