Working with Ampair, the UK’s oldest wind and turbine manufacturer, to help generate investment and market growth while targeting specific media with simplified messaging

The Brief

Ampair (now part of Seamap Mind technology) is the UK’s oldest wind and turbine manufacturer. AM+A were brought on to raise brand awareness to help generate investment and market growth, as well as making their technical information more accessible to consumer media. Activity was based around showcasing Ampair’s 10,000 kWh, 4kW, 6kW turbine and G83 procedure technology.

Our Solution

- Generate publicity to increase trade and consumer knowledge about marine wind turbines and excessive power re-distribution systems
- Creation of ‘owned’ content including blogs, media packs, press releases and other marketing assets to explain products and technology:
- Creation of media story product innovations 
- Defining ‘grid conversation systems' 
- Development of blog to target specific sectors 

What They Said

The Results

- Media centre established by our team of copywriters and graphic designers with simplified technological information for consumer media
- Blog series to simplify Ampair's offering with stories relating to key target sectors: sailing, events, off-grid and trade
- Media stories ran on Ampair's technology in specialist targeted media including: Green Tech Europe, Alternative Energy magazine, Sail magazine and Renewable Energy World

Skills & Services Delivered

Content creation

Press office

Reputation management

Media pitching

Recent Work