An integrated PR campaign to help to establish the Czech Republic as Europe’s leading health, wellness and medical tourism destination

The Brief

AM+A were contracted by CzechTourism to highlight the country's historic spa and wellness industry, positioning the Czech Republic as Europe’s top health and wellness destination for both leisure and medical tourists

Our Solution

Embassy conference - adapting current health tourism product packages to focus on the country’s historic natural treatments, industry-leading experts and idyllic surroundings. This involved rewording and repackaging CzechTourism’s current offering to make it more appealing to UK audiences

Webinars - running online press workshops and trade webinars with Czech health experts and partners to connect media and product development managers, generating media coverage and trade opportunities for CzechTourism

PR Campaign - launching a trade and consumer PR campaign to generate publicity, including media pitching and consumer / trade newsletter . This involved creating media documents, press releases and media packs highlighting the Czech Republic's key selling points and competitive advantages

Advertorial - Creating advertorial content to support a media buying campaign targeting leading UK health trade media

Social media and newsletters - running a supporting social media campaign including the creation of blogs and infographics to inform consumers and spread campaign awareness

What They Said

The Results

Editorial for the campaign included coverage in highly-targeted health and trade media, reaching over 90,000 people

Three ‘Time to Heal’ trade and media newsletters were distributed to 366 people, sharing information on the press and trade webinars, discount packages, resort insights and Czech spa history

Supporting social media reached over 770,000 people through the Visit Czech Republic Facebook page

Virtual 'Time to Heal' press and trade workshops were attended by over 200 media and trade health professionals over three events

61 trade and B2B webinar attendees including representatives from BUPA, NHS and spa tour operators 

10 items of coverage generated in key media including: Silver Travel Advisor, European Spa, the Independent and the BJM Magazine, Travel Trade Gazette (web), Travel Daily Media (web), Spa Business magazine

Skills & Services Delivered

Press office services


Content creation

Social media

Webinar management

Destination representation

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