Huw’s Nursery: Working with micro influencers to promote Slovenia’s niche areas  

The Brief

We were asked to find a specialist gardening influencer with a direct target audience to showcase Slovenia’s breathtaking flowers and beekeeping heritage.

Our Solution

AM+A worked with the young online gardening guru, Huw Richards, aka Huw’s Nursery to create a series of popular online videos which would reach our target audience. Created a bespoke trip for him to shoot scenic vlogs of the trip for his popular youtube channel.

What They Said

The Results

The trip resulted in three YouTube videos that successfully engaged with a new online audience and showcased the Slovenian Tourist Board's commitment to sustainability. Along with the videos Huw's Nursery posted four Instagram posts whilst exploring Slovenia's api tourism offering. Throughout the vlogs the Slovenian brand was featured prominently and the content generated a positive online conservation, with one viewer commenting:  “Thanks Huw, really interesting video, and Slovenia is now on my very short list of places I’d like to visit - it looks beautiful and welcoming.”

YouTube Video Results:

+ Importance of Honey Bees World Bee Day Special

·  3.4k YouTube Views

·  13,364 Minutes of Watch Time on YouTube

+ Bountiful Permaculture at a Slovenian Eco Glamping Village

· 9.5k YouTube Views

· 46,021 Minutes of Watch Time on YouTube

· 13k Facebook Views

The Attitude of Vegetable Gardening in Slovenia is an Inspiration

· 10k YouTube Views

· 22,213 Minutes of Watch Time on YouTube

· 219k Facebook Views

· 3.4k Facebook Shares

Skills & Services Delivered

Press trip management

Creative itinerary ideas

Comprehensive media information 

Influencer engagement 

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