Creative OOH and influencer activation campaigns for Lithuania's capital city

The Brief

Provide GoVilnius with OOH and influencer activation support, reacting to news of tech leaders making major changes to their workforce with cheeky OOH ad placement in central London before generating brand exposure through a Valentine’s Day-themed influencer campaign

Our Solution

OOH campaign management- the city of Vilnius needed help running a reactive, creative and cheeky campaign in the wake of tech leaders making major changes to their workforce. AM+A were briefed to secure ad space in the heart of London's tech districts to promote Vilnius as an up-and-coming tech capital of Europe

Negotiating options and formats - thanks to our media buying network and know-how, we were able to provide five different approaches for outdoor media buying options tailored towards different locations, ad types, quantities and campaign levels to reach the highest audiences

Securing OOH ad space - ultimately securing ad-space in prime tech areas across London for a guerrilla marketing campaign, focusing on the cheeky, reactive messaging ‘Got fired by Meta or Twitter? Move to Vilnius'

Valentine's themed influencer campaign
- shortly after we helped source contacts for a fun social media campaign in which leading UK influencers would post wearing t-shirts stating "I only date people who know where Vilnius is"

Influencer management - our activity included sourcing, contracting and building influencer relations to ensure maximum social engagement for the campaign. We focused on fashion and lifestyle influencers in the key target country, supplying detailed audience demographics to help the GoVilnius team make the right decision.

What They Said

The Results

Influencer Activation:

- Securing 3 high-quality influencers with at total of 375,5K+ followers

- 9 stories and 3 posts generated by a_ontheroad, amysequins and merkurialofficial

- 45K+ accounts interacted with the influencers during the Valentine's Day’ campaign, with 21K+ story impressions, 2,4k likes and 203 comments 

OOH Results:

- 3,016 spread posters could be seen in 10 boroughs with a focus on London’s Facebook and Google headquarters; Kings Cross, Islington, Shoreditch and Soho

- 6,832,000 estimated impressions 

- Reactions and posts about the campaign  from the general public on Instagram and Twitter

Mentioned in leading Newspaper The Financial Times by Kirsty Lang:

Shortly before flying to Lithuania’s capital city, I spot some posters on a wall in London. “Got fired by Meta or Twitter?” they shout in bold red capitals, and then, underneath, “Move to Vilnius”, with a QR code for details. This kind of guerrilla marketing is typical of recent campaigns by the Baltic capital to attract talent, particularly from the tech sector. Lithuania is already one of the fastest-growing fintech hubs in the EU and there are plenty of start-ups, including the second-hand fashion unicorn Vinted, but to grow further it needs people.

Skills & Services Delivered

Campaign management

Media buying

Partnerships and collaborations

Content creation

Social media marketing

Strategy Creation

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