AM+A encouraged future travel to, and shared experiences from, the Czech Republic with consumers who can’t travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Brief

Run a brand reminder campaign for CzechTourism, establishing reasons to pause and not cancel trips to the country, whilst also bringing authentic Czech experiences to consumers during lockdown.

Our Solution

Run a two-phase, collaborative campaign that brought an iconic product of the Czech Republic to would-be travellers through a social media competition. This would be followed by one of the world’s biggest online tourism events streamed live on the Visit Czech Republic Facebook page.

Phase One - #CheersFromCzech Isolation Care Packages

+ In collaboration with Budweiser Budvar, the national brewery of the Czech Republic, deliver 500 ‘isolation care packages’ containing beer to travellers who had their trips to the Czech Republic cancelled by COVID-19

+ Encourage user generated content with the #CheersFromCzech social media competition to win a free holiday to the Czech Republic

+ Send care packages to leading travel influencers to promote the campaign to their audiences, encouraging them to enter and spread the word

+ Promote the competition through all CzechTourism and Budvar social media channels and increase publicity through proactive media pitching

+ Create 10 weeks of virtual trips to the Czech Republic, offering interactive experiences, and post the itineraries on the CzechTourism Twitter and Facebook pages using the #VirtualCzech hashtag

Phase Two - The Big Virtual Czech in

+ In collaboration with Traverse and Budweiser Budvar, create one of the world’s biggest virtual tourism events: The Big Virtual Czech In

+ Bring together leading travel influencers for a Zoom event that included a tutored virtual beer tasting by Budvar, a lockdown pub quiz and an afterparty hosted by Czech DJ Oliver Torr

+ Stream the event on Facebook Live, encouraging the general public to take part at home and drive traffic to the Visit Czech Republic page

+ Generate event publicity by media pitching, creating an official Facebook event page and sending the event to listings websites

Bonus Phase - Additional Media & Trade Events

+ Due to the success of the campaign and the collaboration between CzechTourism and Budvar, we ran an additional three events throughout 2020 and 2021

+ These events brought together leading travel media and trade professionals, to provide them with the latest news and announcements from CzechTourism and forge connections between them and CzechTourism

+ We ran these events in the British and Irish markets, collaborating with TravMedia, Silver Travel Advisor and, providing free beer to attendees to give them a taste of the Czech Republic

+ The event formats ranged from pub quizzes and presentations to virtual brewery tours and beer tasting

+ The events also provided a platform for CzechTourism stakeholders to present directly to media and trade professionals, generating coverage and business opportunities across the country

+ As part of the events, AM+A created media packs, ran pre-event promotion (including creating and distributing media invites, scheduling social media posts and designing enticing event assets), provided technical support (including running the events on Zoom) and communicated with attendees post-event to ensure all necessary information had been provided

What They Said

The Results

+ The campaign achieved a combined reach of over 4,100,000

+ Media coverage for the campaign reached 2,605,764 people, this includes coverage in national newspapers The Sun and The Independent

+ Total social media reach for the campaign was over 1,500,000

+ ‘The Big Virtual Czech In’ Facebook Live event (run through Zoom) was attended by over 130 influencers with a combined account reach over over 2,225,000, generated 6,500+ views and reached over 18,000 people

+ The event generated over 300 Instagram posts ahead of and throughout the evening, creating over 300,000 impressions, 43 main feed posts, over 3,400 likes and 300 comments

+ 500 care packages were given away to members of the public and 20 leading travel influencers, with a postcard from the Czech Republic encouraging people to share their care package online and enter a competition. Influencer content reached an audience of over 400,000

+ Additional media and trade events with TravMedia, Silver Travel Advisor and brought together more than 15 CzechTourism stakeholders and were attended by over 150 leading travel media and trade professionals

+ Daily organic reach of the Visit Czech Republic Facebook page increased by 109% between April and May

+ Over a 28 day period (21st April - 19th May), the CzechTourism UK Twitter account generated 17.8k impressions (70% increase), 673 profile visits (143% increase), 432 mentions (747% increase) and 644 followers (an increase of 69)

+ Over 360 uses of the #CheersFromCzech hashtag throughout the campaign

Skills & Services Delivered

Creative campaigns

Press trip management

Press office services

Destination representation

Content creation

Paid social media

Search Engine Marketing

Third party collaborations


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