June 9, 2021

Early summer trends, situational insights and ideas.

Summer is here and the wheels of economic recovery are in motion. Here are our recovery tips, UK trends and some projects to consider.

Globally, more than 2.33 billion vaccine doses have been administered. The UAE has vaccinated 97% of its population, with Israel and the UK both around 50% and the US not far behind. In the UK, a new system has been established to facilitate overseas travel, leading to increased optimism in the tourism and events sectors. To learn more about recovery campaigns click here.

Current Trends

1. The future is electric

- The world will be transformed by electric vehicles across logistics, food deliveries, maintenance vehicles, car rental and public transport

- Many EU governments have 9 years to prepare for major changes (new petrol and diesel cars are set to be banned in the UK from 2030)

- TIP: Gain a early competitive advantage by preparing the right information and showcasing user opportunities

- TIP: Prioritise online communication on electric vehicle infrastructure promotion and user experience

- CASE STUDY: Click here to see how we promoted Dundee’s EV network

2. The rise of the re-use and sharing economy

- The terms 're-use, reclaim and recycle' are changing fashion while retail apps such as Depop (21m+ users) are starting to challenge fast fashion brands

- Meanwhile the sharing economy is starting to disrupt traditional business models, from car rental businesses to food logistics

- TIP: Work closer with ethical companies - showcase the sharing economy and help develop a more circular economy

- TIP: Showcase circular economic champions and sharing apps (think Ikea accepting old furniture returns and Apple part-exchanging old products for new)

3. Bedroom entrepreneurs

- The seamless integration of tourism, shopping, transport and payment systems has evolved at a rapid pace  

- Anyone can build a business from anywhere (online events platform Hopin has no offices and has ridden the pandemic-driven boom in online events to a $5.65 billion valuation)

- Ecommerce, warehouse and logistics platforms such as Amazon, Printful and Depop enable businesses to grow quickly from home

- TIP: Run workshops and 'connection days' - collaborative working helps create local supply chains and eases local distribution

- TIP: Build the relevant marketing and PR assets to promote multiple organisations under one brand or experience

UK and EU Tourism Outlook

1. Ongoing vaccination efforts

The UK’s vaccination programme continues to be a success - 78% of the British population (around 42 million people) has now received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine - and almost 30 million have had a second.

2. Traffic light system for overseas travel

The British Government’s traffic light system has been fully established, with just a handful of countries on the UK's 'green' list. Portugal spent a brief time as the only mainstream holiday destination on the UK's green list before being moved to the amber list earlier this month.

3. Monitoring strains and third waves

Earlier this month it was established that the Indian or Delta variant is now the dominant strain in the UK. As of June 10, there have been 42,323 confirmed and suspected cases in the UK – accounting for 91 per cent of new coronavirus infections. Due to the rising 'R' number, the government's 'freedom day' of 21st June has been delayed by at least four weeks.

4. The importance of testing

Testing remains an essential part of protecting public health as restrictions begin to ease - even those travelling to and from ‘green’ destinations will be required to take a pre-departure test, as well as a PCR test on return to the UK.

Recovery and PR Campaigns to Consider

1. Strategic partnerships and campaigns

Work with as many local brands, businesses and partners as possible to raise awareness amongst a range of audiences across different sectors. Seek to add extra value to potential partners by offering content and the opportunity to generate coverage through your own channels.

2. Post-Covid instructions for business travellers

Provide up-to-date campaign information for business travellers about your Covid-19 safety policy and opportunities (both virtual and in-person). Also consider post-Covid instructions for business travellers and investors (i.e. key messaging, infographics and guides).

3. Creative campaigns - SEO backlinks and traffic

The more online coverage you generate, the more backlinks you'll receive to your website, helping improve your SEO ranking while generating web traffic. Publicity stems from fun and interesting stories - contact us for assistance with brainstorming high-impact, creative ideas

4. Content creation and targeted campaigns

Specifically target those audiences that have been vaccinated and have more freedom to move around (i.e. 50+ travellers). Emphasise elements that are more likely to appeal directly to people within this target audience (i.e. culture, accessibility, nature-based adventure and gastronomy)

5. Press office and media experience trips  

Media are regarded as business travellers, which means they are able to travel and stay in certain accommodations. To begin organising press trips, start by outlining your key story ideas and target audiences before approaching journalists regarding their readiness to travel.

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