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October 14, 2020

WTM Virtual Success part 2: Online Meetings, Networks and Events.

The World Travel Market (WTM) is taking place this year but, to protect the safety of attendees, it will be an online-only event.

Following our post outlining press office, PR and marketing tips for this year's event, here are our top tips for online meetings, networking and events. From knowing your way around your Exhibitor Directory to organising your own online press conference - read on to make sure you're ready to make the most out of this year's WTM Virtual event.

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PART 2: Online Meetings, Networks and Events tips

1. Organise your portal, Exhibitor Directory and research ‘Connect Me’
With this being the first all-virtual event in the World Travel Market’s 40-year history, it is important to know your way around the WTM online portal and ensure your Exhibitor Directory is complete. This is what you’ll be using to organise all of your 30-minute meetings and networking events, find out more about the virtual conferences available and upload your own information to share with other attendees. All virtual WTM meetings will be hosted by Connect Me.

2. Be part of an event or conference panel
Volunteer your tourism minister or a key organisation representative to feature on an event, conference or talk panel during the WTM Virtual. This is a way to discuss and learn about the industry, it’s also free promotion for your destination / brand. If you are prepared, knowledgeable and engaging, your audience will associate your organisation with being one of the best in the industry. This immediately increases your networking and sales opportunities - as well as offering some much welcome free publicity.

3. Organise your own online press conference & event
Organising your own conference or online event allows you to share your most important news and opportunities for the year ahead. Base your conference around key themes and engage directly with your viewers to create natural conversation and bring your destination to life.

Modern video conferencing software allows users to incorporate video and other graphics to help make events as engaging as possible. Stand out from the crowd and enlist the help of others to help you share your destination message. Enlisting the help of ‘brand ambassadors’ (chefs, sportspeople, celebrities etc.) will help attract more visitors to your virtual events and make them memorable, leading to more interest from both trade and the media in the long run.

Check out our free online event strategy document:

4. Transform events into exciting online experiences
There’s going to be a lot of competition for online audiences this year, so to ensure that your online events are attended by the industry’s best and brightest think about what will help make them stand out. Consider what you can do to make your events the ‘must-see’ virtual experiences of this year’s WTM. How can you incorporate elements such as live music, cookery classes, beer tastings and other unique cultural events to guarantee that yours is the event that everyone remembers when they log off at the end of the day?

Check out some of our previous online events:

5. Make sure you ‘virtually network’
Networking is always one of the most important features of the WTM and with no physical event, you may be concerned about how you are reaching decision makers. Correctly utilising digital channels and social media platforms to connect with attendees can be extremely effective in spite of this year’s lack of face-to-face contact.
This ‘virtual networking’ can involve commenting on popular LinkedIn posts regarding the WTM, researching WTM hashtags and joining a Twitter conversation or even offering to host a Zoom call with anyone interested in getting to know each other. It’s pivotal you are proactive in engaging with decision makers.

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