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November 24, 2017

Why organisations must consider crisis communications

Does your organisation have a crisis communications strategy in place? No matter the size, every organisation should be ready to react immediately to a crisis.

From pre-written texts to social media safeguarding here are some tips on what needs to be considered:

In a digital era, crisis communications within the tourism sector has changed. Today a crisis can take many forms - from hackers acquiring data to natural disasters and social media outbreaks. Poor management of such incidents can quickly place an organisation on the back foot and permanently damage professional reputations.

Managing your response.

A well-managed response, on the other hand, can highlight an organisation's dedication to its customers and build positive reputations.  Crisis communication management must be well structured. An internal strategy, regular training, auditing and preparation are all key aspects of a crisis communications management plan.

Pre-written press releases, a planned response team, a chosen leader and knowledge of which external partners to assist – these are all things that should be considered well in advance.

Quarterly or yearly strategic reviews, internal training, asset creation and planning sessions - AMA are perfectly placed to help your business with key aspects of crisis communications including social media management and pre-written media assets.

AM+A's Senior Director Frank Marr chaired a discussion on Crisis Communications at the World Travel Market, watch the full session below.

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