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December 20, 2015

Travel Trends for 2016: #20 Let me take a ‘braggie’

Say hello to the new selfie ran a trend report earlier this year focusing on what has been dubbed the new selfie – the ‘braggie’. According to the report, holidaymakers take “braggie” photos and upload them instantly to social media – within 10 minutes of arriving at their hotels. A braggie can be the perfect hotel window view, the luxurious bed you’re going to sleep on or maybe the exquisite restaurant you’re about to dine in.


With next year bringing a full re-branding, refurbishment and a name change – Vienna House Hotels, which will soon become Vienna House, is the ideal ‘braggie’ spot. Cool and contemporary rooms, astounding and ‘instagrammable’ views and the ultimate in personalised service makes them completely brag-worthy! Phones at the ready…

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