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December 14, 2015

Travel Trends 2016: #14 European Hipster Holidays

Beard? Check. Artisan coffee? Check. Exploring alternative European districts? That’s to come… Next year we will see visitors heading to European destinations looking past the conventional tourist areas and seeking out those bohemian hotspots, known only to the locals.


One of Europe’s most up-and-coming cities, Lodz is teeming with murals and modern art.


Lodz has a long history as an industrial town; filled with old textile mills now restored and transformed into stylish complexes.  As part of this transformation, the Galeria Urban Forms street art project saw the artists paint huge, stunning murals dotted about the city. Piotrkowska street is famed for its shopping boutiques, restaurants, clubs and bars – it also holds the title of Europe’s longest pedestrian street.


The city is also famous for its cinematographic history; it is at the heart of Polish art and counter culture. It is known as the Hollywood of Poland, which started with the foundation of the National Film School in 1948. Today you can walk along Lodz’s own ‘Walk of Fame’.


Head to OFF Piotrkowska, just to the side of famed shopping street Piotrkowska, for a wholly bohemian mix of attractions.  The area was recently claimed by a whole host of young and enthusiastic artists and visionaries and it’s now home to a buzzing selection of bars, clubs, alternative music venues and modern art. The city hosts Polish Fashion Week every year in Winter!


Renovation is the theme of the city: Vienna House Andel’s Hotel Lodz is housed in a former textile mill –  the glass enclosed rooftop pool is especially impressive. 2 adults without breakfast, from £66 for one night, £79 with breakfast.

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