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December 12, 2015

Travel Trends 2016: #12 The surge in seamless travel

More and more people are looking for ease when booking online, without having to join up the dots and deal with the pressure of booking each step themselves. In 2016, everything has to be pre-planned and flawless. People don’t want to spend time planning whilst on holiday, they want everything done, dusted and ready to enjoy.

Once you arrive at the start of your tour, The Carter Company has the rest covered: accommodation, and transfers on arrival are all included, ranging from classic to luxury packages, walking or cycling itineraries – or both! With 25 years of experience, The Carter Company has unrivaled knowledge on the best cycling and walking routes across the UK, and is ready to advise you on the trips that suit you best.

Now you can even have your own butler join you on your holiday! The Carter Company, has teamed up with Connoisseurs Scotland to provide the ultimate luxury bicycle tours around Scotland, including a variety of the country’s finest hotels, most beautiful and fascinating destinations and a cycling ‘butler’ who can be hired to be on hand for any special requests!

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