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December 11, 2015

Travel Trends 2016: #11 The personal touch

The days of customers being offered standardised experiences are gradually on the way out, with companies looking to carve out their niche by becoming more flexible, personal and aware of customer expectations (and how to exceed them). With so many options for consumers to choose from, standing out in 2016 will mean adding a thoughtful, personal touch to the experience.


Austria’s largest hotel chain, Vienna House Hotels is already changing their entire brand strategy to embrace this new trend, showcasing Vienna’s attitude towards global hospitality through a complete recreation of the brand organisation, company culture and an aim to enhance customer experience!


From 1 February 2016, the name will change to Vienna House, communicating the feeling of contemporary, modern Vienna, combined with the company’s shared European roots and traditions, will be reflected in all hotels, from top to bottom!


You can follow Vienna House Hotels’ transformation on their Instagram page, where you will experience some serious #AustrianWanderlust!

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