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June 3, 2021

Tourism Bohinj launches first ever Green Movement Summit.

The virtual event will bring together industry experts to discuss the importance of sustainable tourism and debate its future.

The Future of Tourism: Going Green

The Tourism Bohinj Green Movement Summit will look at what the future of green tourism in a post Covid-19 world will look like. It will discuss how organisations can encourage the everyday consumer to consider being more green and sustainably active, how tourism boards can put together more sustainable packages and effective communication methods. 

Aims of the Green Movement Summit

  • Provide ideas for tourism change: the summit will focus on the role that sustainable tourism plays in the battle against climate change, the importance of sustainable economic, transport and horticulture activities
  • Educate consumers and organisations about nature's role in tourism: As part of the International Wild Flower Festival, the first ever Green Movement Summit will look at the importance of biodiversity and nature in tourism 
  • Bring together industry-leading sustainable experts: a panel of experts will be discussing the future of tourism within local communities, including how the industry can become more responsible, more sustainable and leave a positive legacy
  • Showcasing effective environmental tourism strategies: topics will delve into ideas for sustainable mobility and how tourism can minimise its environmental impact

To learn more about the Tourism Bohinj Green Movement Summit, head to: 

  • When is the summit? June 11th, 1pm-3pm
  • Where is the summit? This event is virtual, you can attend from home
  • How do I sign up? Email or call 0038645747590 to confirm your place
  • When is the deadline to sign up? RSVPs will be accepted until June 6th

What is the Tourism Bohinj Green Movement?

Tourism Bohinj Green Movement is an initiative launched by Tourism Bohinj with the help of AM+A. The aim of the initiative is to ‘change tourism attitudes for good’ and present a roadmap for a new, destination-first sustainable tourism model. As an award-winning sustainable destination, it’s vital that Bohinj pushes for positive change and encourages people and tourism organisations alike to consider a more sustainable approach. You can learn more about Tourism Bohinj Green Movement on their LinkedIn page:

What is the International Wild Flower Festival?

This summit will be just one part of the 15th edition of the International Wild Flower Festival, a biodiversity festival held annually in Bohinj to educate people on the importance of wild flower meadows, in addition to showcasing the natural beauty of Bohinj and Slovenia. With 97% of the UK’s wild flower meadows eradicated, the festival plays an important role in reminding us what is at stake in our fight against climate change.

This year the festival will be a hybrid event, allowing visitors to experience colourful meadows, fragrant forests, breathtaking hiking trails and unforgettable views whilst those that can’t travel can still take part in the workshops and talks. Taking place between Friday 28th May and Sunday 13th June, the festival offers a programme of events that include wild food cookery classes, beekeeping tutorials, lakeside yoga classes, virtual plant workshops and virtual music concerts.

For more information and a full programme of events, head to: 

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