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January 12, 2022

Top 6 Sustainable Influencers Who Help Make the World a Better Place

It can be challenging to navigate a sustainable lifestyle, especially when you are just getting started! From well-known faces to emerging micro-influencers, here is a list of influential people that all sustainable brands should be aware of.

1. Emma Slade Edmondson @emsladedmondson

With a huge rise in slow fashion (buying better quality garments that will last longer) - Emma Slade Edmondson’s Instagram profile provides all kinds of inspiration towards a more ethical yet trendy wardrobe!

Emma lives up to her position as the queen bee of charity shop style, with her feed being a colourful mix of charity shop and antique finds, intermingled with pieces from her favourite sustainable businesses. Her audience consists of Millennials looking for eco-conscious style inspiration and advice on how to get the best out of second-hand garments.

2. Venetia La Manna @venetialamanna

Venetia La Manna is an advocate for consideration of the lives of garment workers and the roles they play towards large clothing companies, raising awareness of unjust pay and treatment. She says: ”Many fast fashion companies are run by billionaires who have proven time and again that they prioritise their fellow people at the top while consistently failing to pay their workers a living wage”

No more excuses! We must consider the entire supply chain and rally for the rights of the people making our clothes – now, more than ever.

Venetia founded the Slow Fashion Exchange on Facebook, which provides a safe space for people to discuss all things slow fashion whilst also swapping clothes and campaign ideas. She uses her influence to call out large fashion brands on issues such as green-washing and fast fashion, including Missguided, Topshop, and H&M.

3. Lizzie Carr @lizzie_outside

Lizzie Carr, a plastic pollution campaigner, started @onplanetpatrol in 2016 in the hopes of preserving the planet and wildlife from the increasingly alarming amounts of litter produced.

Carr utilises her paddleboarding abilities to collect plastic along global waterways - her Instagram is plentiful when it comes to volunteer opportunities, ideas on cleaning up the environment, and methods to live plastic-free, such as utilising recyclable wrapping paper and non-synthetic clothes.

4. Blue Ollis @blueollis

Blue's Instagram is all about being an all-round ethical human being, including vegan recipes, sustainability tips, or how to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products.

Her account provides useful inspiration for up-cycling or mending old garments, growing herbs, giving sustainable gifts to loved ones, and vegan treat recipes.

5. Nicole Whittle @veganbeautygirl

Nicole Whittle is an award-winning vegan beauty blogger who is behind Vegan Beauty Girl.

Nicole went vegan in 2007 and offers ethical, cheap, and sustainable alternatives to common beauty products on her social media sites, such as vegan and plastic-free lipsticks, fake tans, deodorants, and foundations.

6. Jamie Quince Starkey @dtederby

Jamie Quince Starkey is the founder of Down to Earth (DTE) based in Derby, a collective re-connecting people to nature, teaching people how to grow their own food. Jamie started growing his own food, starting a movement in his local town to bring people together to grow on an allotment and has now created a shared community in the city to develop a mini Eden Project. Jamie was also a #OneStepGreener Ambassador for COP26 and has created a shared community in the city to develop a mini Eden Project.

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