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August 21, 2020

Tips for running online events with impact.

Technology has enabled organisations to have an easier direct conversation with new audiences. Whether they’re targeting consumers or B2B sales, they can now connect to anyone in their homes or offices.

With exciting new streaming software that can be integrated to connect with social media platforms, high quality virtual experiences have advanced a lot in recent years.

Webinars and online events can generate media coverage, sales opportunities and educate consumers. With 93% of event professionals planning to invest in virtual events in the future, make your online events successful by following these five tips by AM+A:

1. Planning & Preparation

Create an online event strategy that incorporates media information (i.e. press releases), social media promotion and news summaries to maximise exposure for the event ahead of time.

2. Panelists with Passion

Select engaging speakers that have a good story to tell and know how to tell it. Big name speakers and those with a large online following are good assets for promoting the event. 

3. Make it Relevant

Think how you can make your event topical and relevant to consumer and industry current affairs. The more newsworthy your event is, the more people are going to want to tune in.

4. Stakeholder Support

Seek support from key partners and stakeholders. Utilise databases, social media audiences and avenues for promotion. By offering exposure in return you can increase reach to target audiences.

5. Technology & Commerce

Practice with your chosen software (Zoom, Livestream) so you know exactly how to run a seamless event. From sharing your online event via Facebook Live, YouTube and Instagram streams to integrating slides and video content. Utilise tools in live streams to create calls to action and enquiries.

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