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January 16, 2023

Our Pick of the Top Sustainable Innovators in the Baltics

It should come as little surprise that sustainability and innovation are two vital elements for Millennials and younger generations when choosing which companies to give their hard-earned money to. Recent reports from Forbes, EY and Deloitte all suggest that sustainability has become a key deciding factor in the customer journey, ultimately changing the CX formula for all stakeholders including regulators and companies.

We're proud to have a base in the Baltics, a region that is home to a wealth of innovative companies - here are our top five responsible companies leading the way in the Baltics in 2023.


Printful's print-in-demand drop shipping model helps eliminate excess waste by only printing an item once an order has been made. E-commerce businesses can sign up for free and won't need to store their own inventory. Printful also uses eco-friendly products - their 'eco' collection consists of items that are made of at least 30% sustainable, recycled, or biodegradable materials

Minimising Overhead Costs - Its print-on-demand (POD) model helps businesses minimise overhead costs related to printing, storing and transporting inventory.

Less waste - print-on-demand reduces inventory-related risks and prevents unwanted stock from being thrown away, adding to the already 92 million tonnes of textile waste.


Latvian-based MÁDARA offers Ecocert organic skin care, hair care and baby care products. Inspired by local ingredients - and taking its company name from a flower - Mádara cares about the look, feel and the environment in its skincare.

Organic materials - Madara uses biologically-certified ingredients and herbal extracts from the Northern and Baltic region in its products.

Conscious manufacturing and packaging - Mádara’s packaging consists of mixed recycled materials from plant-based, recycled ocean waste to post-consumer recycled materials. This lowers Mádara's overall use of plastics and CO2 production. 


With more than 6.4 million euro raised in the two first quarters of the year, Estonian startup company ‘eAgronom’ offers farmers aid with reducing greenhouse emissions through a digital platform. Farmers can seek support when it comes to the latest regulations, sustainable farming and carbon programmes.

Assessment tools - eAgronom offer farmers assessment tools that can be used to analyse data based on the farms sources of emissions and carbon sinks. This allows farmers to take all reasonable steps in minimising emissions and post-harvest loss, while adopting new sustainable technologies.

Carbon Credits Program - This program allows farmers to receive investments by improving soil quality, reducing the cost of inputs and employing an eAgronom Agronomic Advisory Team. The farmers will then receive carbon credits when they generate carbon benefits over the baseline.


The Lithuanian company LeaFood offers an alternative to traditional farming. Their sustainable vertical farming solution lowers the water and soil waste and considerably cuts the Baltic food supply chain by being able to produce locally throughout the year.

No pesticides - As LeaFood produces in a controlled indoor environment, the space is much cleaner and protected from anything harmful. No pesticides or herbicides are therefore used.

Sustainability on a large scale - LeaFood are CO2 neutral-negative by producing on a larger scale with less water waste, while leaving more space for nature to grow in its own habitat.


While there may have been some hesitation about whether or not to include an airline on this list, airBaltic are taking clear steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offer humanitarian aid in countries such as Ukraine.

Choice of aircraft - AirBaltics' Airbus A220-300 is considered one of the world’s greenest commercial aircrafts. By upgrading their aircrafts, the new planes feature a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions, 50% less NOx emissions, and a 4x smaller noise footprint.

Supports countries in need - airBaltic delivered humanitarian relief cargo to the Ukrainian refugee centre in Chisinau while carrying refugees and presidential delegation. They continue to support the people of Ukraine by organising remote open-house events

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