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October 28, 2021

Production Trends & Tips from the AM+A Team & Benjamin Bryant

Demand for businesses to produce video content continues to increase with social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook having a significant role in reaching modern audiences. A viral video or successful marketing campaign has the potential to reach millions and could take your business to the next level. But how do you produce enough quality content to engage audiences with your business?

Here at AM+A we’ve expanded our video production services with the help of influencer Benjamin Bryant who will work closely with our in-house content team. Benjamin’s production team regularly create cutting-edge content that is used by huge content platforms including UNILAD Adventure.

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Together we’ve created this list of the key production trends & tips you need to know if you want to stay ahead of the competition:

1. Focus on both short-form and long-form content

This is a really interesting time for video formats as we’re seeing growth in both short-form and long-form videos so we recommend focusing your creative efforts on both ends of the spectrum.

Short-form (less than a minute) vertical (portrait) videos are in demand due to platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. These videos are quick and easy for viewers to digest but it’s important to make your video memorable and stand out from the rest.

Long-form (over a minute) informative videos (and podcasts) continue to be highly valuable and engaging. Offer your audiences a more in-depth look at what you do and how you do it but make sure to keep a fast enough pace to keep the audience engaged later on in the video.

2. Double your content with ‘behind the scenes’ videos

Brands and influencers are building real trust and connections with their audience by showing themselves as relatable to the average person. Behind the scenes videos can offer a greater insight into their personal lives and a chance to showcase their personality. Documenting your day can be as valuable as creating highly-scripted content.

3. Attention, attention, attention...

The majority of society is busy paying attention to social media so if you want to influence your target market then that is where you have to be. Create accounts across social media e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and produce a variety of content for your different audiences.

4. Plan for both horizontal and vertical outputs.

All video production should now be planned with a variety of outputs and viewing ratios in mind. Give yourself options with the content you produce. For example you could clip part of a long-form YouTube Video to create a 30 second highlights reel on TikTok for a different audience.

Production Tips for Events

1. Create ‘before the event’ content

Demonstrate why people should visit your stand with engaging, easy-to-digest visual content. If this content is successful then word will spread and you will have greater engagement at the event, enabling you to create more high quality content.

2. Think about your event visuals

Plan your events to create interesting and informative content that will stand out online. Can your events be filmed or transcribed to create engaging videos or blog posts?

3. Capture the moment! Visual, audio and written

Be social, with a combination of in-person and online interactions that can be used to showcase what you got up to at the event, who you met and what you gained from attending.

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