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September 25, 2020

Best types of calls-to-action on social media platforms.

Best types of calls-to-action on social media platforms 

When implemented correctly, social media marketing can be one of the most efficient ways to engage an audience and boost your desired reactions such as sales. 

What is a call-to-action? 

Put simply, it’s asking your audience to do something - whether that’s reading a blog, signing up to a newsletter or checking out an online shop. All of these actions direct audiences away from social media platforms and onto your website. Often the best calls-to-action are those where users feel like they’re gaining something that will benefit them. 

Different types of calls-to-action 

Content planned around what the final user journey or motion (often known as ‘user funnels’) should always be considered. Here are some tips on what the final user journey could be.

1. Social media links to your website 

Consider using tools such as LinkTree and ConactInBio to compile key links (social media pages) and websites into one page. Link compilations allow for cross platform promotion, increasing the chance that audiences will click through to explore more of your work. In reserve, having obvious button links on your website that lead audiences to each of your social media accounts can be equally beneficial. 

2. Opportunities to sign up to newsletters & learn more 

Newsletters are a useful way to display your expertise while building a relationship with potential and long standing customers. Increase sign-ups and promote exclusive insights through your social media platforms. Consider incentives like giveaways and competition prizes to increase reach. 

3. Try for free - sign-ups or give users free samples 

Everyone loves a freebie. One of the best ways to grab audience attention is by offering them free goods or services. It is one of the most common marketing tactics - audiences get the chance to test your services without a financial commitment. Use social media platforms to highlight limited offers and free services. Use your social media following to communicate limited offers to potential customers. 

4. Instagram - ‘Save to Collection’ & 'Share Our Story' 

One of Instagram’s under-appreciated features is the save button. Users can privately save and create folders of their favourite posts. This feature, now similar to the social media platform ‘Pinterest’ allows users to curate mood boards, collect educational resources and return to older posts with ease. Utilise this feature by encouraging users to save your social media content such as industry insights and marketing tips and refer to them as useful tools. 

5. Cookie collecting and targeted banner adverts  

Web cookies are the key to collecting data to understand your audiences and website visitors. This information is critical for social media marketing as age, gender, location and interests are all considered when promoting content on social media platforms. With this knowledge, you are able to tailor your target ads to ensure that they are reaching your target demographic and will therefore boost link clicks. Depending on what you are offering it is important to understand specifics so utilising location cookies can help you target specific audiences in key locations. There are typically three basic types of cookies to consider: session, persistent, and third-party.

6. Introducing video content  

Social media content is forever changing. Following the rise of TikTok, many platforms are starting to move towards a fast paced video format. To reach new audiences, consider creating video adverts on TikTok and Instagram’s latest feature, reels. It’s important to remember that due to the nature of videos, calls-to-action must be emphasised either through the on-screen text or in the audio of the content. 

In conclusion - creativity meets technology

Calls-to-action and perfecting the customer journey are key to online success. Fundamentally it’s how the customer arrives on your website and what the product is that remains important. Creativity or a good campaign remain a pivotal part of the user funnel. The success occurs when an organisation can achieve the perfect process of good marketing, followed by a persuasive user journey to trigger the result.  

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