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March 20, 2023

5 New Social Media features you need to know

An estimated 4.76 billion people around the world now use social media - that’s more than half of the global population. If you want to stand out from the crowd you need to know the latest tips and features that will help you create more engaging content.

Here are five new social media features you need to know for 2023 

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YouTube’s video ‘shorts’  

Youtube has announced that creators can now reply to comments with a Short, directly mimicking a feature on TikTok. This new feature showcases the emphasis on short form video content and the influence of the top trending app TikTok. Therefore rather than responding with text, or posting a link, creators will be able to easily produce quick video content keeping the context chain intact. 

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Instagram’s ‘quiet mode’  

At the start of the year Instagram implemented its new Quiet Mode feature. Designed “to help people focus, and to encourage people to set boundaries with friends and followers, his new feature is specifically aimed at teenagers who have reported struggling to focus on school work and sleep late at night. 

Once enabled, Quiet Mode disables notifications and provides an automated reply to direct messages. Once switched off, users will receive a report summary of muted notifications. Social media platforms are aware of the increasing demand from followers to ‘switch off’ and participate in ‘digital detox’ trends; this new feature provides a way for users to control their Instagram habits while remaining an active account. 

An imagine introducing TikTok's Creator Marketplace

TikTok’s ‘Creator Marketplace’ 

TikTok is directly providing the tools for influencer marketing to grow with its new feature Creator Marketplace. Currently in beta testing, it allows talent managers to control deal flow, negotiate contracts, handle creative feedback from campaigns and review various metrics reports about a campaign’s performance. 

Marketers searching for influencers can reach out through the “direct invitation” feature, using the “application campaigns” tool to showcase briefs, allowing creators to pitch themselves for the opportunity. TechCrunch reports that Creator Marketplace allows brands and agencies to connect with 800,000 qualified creators around the world.

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Scheduling via LinkedIn

In its 2023 plan, Linkedin announced it will be providing one of the most requested features: scheduling. To the delight of PR professionals, LinkedIn has provided a simple built-in scheduling feature. 

When creating a post there is now a ‘scheduling’ icon to the left of the Post button. To schedule the post, click the icon to choose the date and time for the content to be released. The feature also allows you to edit up until the scheduled posting time. For users with creator mode switched on, LinkedIn has also added audience insights and top performing posts to the creator analytic dashboard, allowing professionals to follow growth trends over time and explore audience demographics. 

New App: Artifact

Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are launching a new social app called Artifact. Its name is self explanatory; it consists of a combination of articles, facts, and artificial intelligence. The app is designed to be a personalised news feed, based on user engagement and interests. 

Artifact is being developed with the same type of “machine learning” implemented by TikTok. With a ‘following’ feed and direct messaging, the intention is to use the advanced machine learning to keep users engaged with personalised content. Artifact is currently under construction but is definitely one to watch. If Systrom and Krieger can deliver the same spark of genius that resulted in Instagram, Artifact may be the next big thing.

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