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July 22, 2021

Five Marketing tips to increase the discoverability of your company

Understand your Audience

You must be aware of who you are communicating with. Defining your target audience will help you craft your message much more effectively. 

- Who is your intended audience?

- What are the most frequently asked questions by your customers?

- What are the most common issues or comments you receive?

Whether you go digital or distribute leaflets on the street, a targeted message is more likely to have a greater impact than a broad campaign.

Engage on Social Media

Being in constant dialogue with customers is part of what it means to have an “always on” approach to marketing. If marketing is most effective when customers have a genuine relationship with a brand(one that is interesting, mutually beneficial, and consistent) then that relationship must be maintained. Giving customers the opportunity to converse (not just with your brand, but with one another) is a critical component of engagement marketing. You can start the conversation by soliciting feedback and insights, commenting on interesting trends, and bringing customers together in online social-sharing communities.

Be Consistent

Customer behaviour has changed dramatically since the rise of the Internet, particularly since the rise of social media. Not only has social media become an essential tool for any marketing strategy (nearly half the Facebook users have ‘recommended’ a brand), but customers now expect their relationships with brands to extend beyond the utility of their products.

Instead of the typical “push” style of marketing campaigns and engagement marketing, draws people in by telling stories, fostering conversations, and addressing client needs and interests. The idea is to engage people in to a deeper, more sustained relationship with a specific product or brand. Customers may tune out if you solely talk to them about what you want to sell them. The motto for engagement marketing is, “Ask not how you can sell, but how you can help.”

Use Shorter Subject Lines

Email marketing is a wonderful tool for spreading the word but did you know that, by lowering the number of words in your subject line, you may increase open rates significantly? Remember, you're not giving the entire narrative; you just want the individual receiving the email to be interested enough in what you're saying to open the email and follow the Calls to Action. If you really want to stand out, choose one word, and make it count. 

Harness Virality

Conrad Gessner, the originator of viral marketing, is responsible for what is now known as “Tulip Mania”. To go viral, a product must swiftly spread by word-of-mouth and generate a large amount of demand in a short period of time. Gessner increased the Tulip's market-worth, and demand, by disseminating photographs of tulips with lovely descriptions.

Pitch your services or products directly on the platform that your target audience is most likely to utilise. With the rise of short-form videos, on platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram Reels, your content will have more opportunities to be distributed and discovered than ever before.

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