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December 2, 2022

5 Travel Trends to Look Out for in 2023

What will travel look like in 2023? Travel organisations such as Expedia, Mintel and ABTA have emphasised the importance of unique experiences, affordable luxury, and new ways to travel sustainably for those booking holidays next year. To help guide you through travel in 2023, AM+A has selected five key travel trends to look out for.

1. More Bang for Your Buck

The rise of price-driven decision makers looking for affordable luxury

2023 has been labelled ‘the year of price-driven decisions’ by Skyscanner. According to Expedia, travellers in 2023 are more likely to use ‘lowest-to-highest’ filters when searching for experiences, focusing entirely on affordable luxury. Travellers are also choosing to pay more for ‘bonus extras’ (such as including breakfast in their bookings) to add value without compromising on quality.

As we become more price-conscious, ABTA further suggests all-inclusive holidays will soar in 2023 due to travellers' desire to minimise budgets while enjoying authentic in-destination experiences.

2. Revenge Tourism

Making up for time lost to lockdowns by seeking out hidden gem destinations

After two years of an acutely challenging tourism climate, consumers are looking for alternatives to the standard holiday experience. According to The Economist, Revenge Tourism or ‘pent-up demand’ saw international tourism arrivals increase by 60% in 2022 and will rise by a further 30% in 2023. Due to this rise in demand, Expedia suggests that travellers in 2023 will look beyond traditional travel destinations, focusing instead on wellness retreats, cultural capitals and outdoor experiences.

Revenge Tourism has also led to several social media trends - eye-catching content such as ‘hidden gems’ and ‘otherworldly places on earth’ is increasingly popular as it offers digital nomads and travellers a sense of freedom online.

3. Prioritising sustainability

Tourism that caters for locals to support economic growth, a stronger sense of place, and appeal to international visitors

In 2023, travellers will continue to take sustainability into account when booking. According to ABTA, 59% state that when choosing hotels, sustainability credentials play an important part in the selection process. As consumers place greater importance on sustainability, the hospitality sector will likely see a rise in all-inclusive hotels accredited by sustainable certification bodies such as Travelife - to qualify, hotels must use locally-sourced food and drink or include more of its local community on the itinerary. All of these contributions help to ensure accommodations embrace responsible tourism and prevent organisations from ‘green-washing’.

4. One for the socials

Travel content is king as streamed shows, Instagram and TikTok inspire future bookings

In a 2022 Expedia report, it is suggested that 39% of people have booked a trip after seeing specific destinations on streamed shows or movies. Online content creation such as short-form videos from TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube, are growing among brands and tourism boards, particularly UGC and videos with educational purposes. The pairing of visuals with music, inspirational quotes, subtitles and various other creations has unlocked an effective method to convince users to travel. Travel organisations should bear this in mind when marketing their destinations, as it is increasingly vital to highlight how their destination is ‘perfect for the gram’.

5. Going Solo 

Solo travel will be among the most popular travel trends in 2023

The allure of going solo has never been greater and experts expect it to continue to rise in 2023. Virtuoso, a global travel agency network, saw a 10% shift from those travelling with family and friends to those going solo. Interestingly, they also saw the highest level of interest in solo travel coming from the 65+ age group, increasing from 4% in 2019 to 18% in 2022. 

According to Skyscanner, the main reason ‘52%’ of all ages choose to go solo is because of differences in travel interests. But is it safe to travel solo? A current trend among young female content creators on social media is ‘life hack’ content focusing on information about safer countries, equipment to pack, and the ‘dos & don’ts of solo travel. These types of short form content will continue to inspire the next generation of solo travellers going into 2023. 

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