July 12, 2019

World Travel Market success - top 10 marketing, PR & sales tips.

Generating over £3.5 billion of potential business and with over 3,000 media in attendance, World Travel Market London is the most important event of the year for generating sales, launching campaigns and building media connections. AM+A are experts in running campaigns that maximise these opportunities - here are our top 10 marketing tips for a successful WTM 2019.

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1) Start Early - PR workshops start in July & 2020 campaign launch

Build a year’s worth of media connections, coverage and trade sales from the WTM by being proactive and organised. By starting your campaign in July you have time to establish your 2020 themes and story ideas, build an extensive portfolio of marketing assets, organise and attend leading media events, and build connections to increase your WTM brand reach.

2) Plan, plan and plan again to maximise results 

Every year 300,000 new business connections and £3.5 billion of opportunities are generated at WTM London. Creating a clear monthly strategy including pre, during and post-event actions will establish the foundation of a successful campaign. Set early deadlines for marketing asset production, highlight key events and create a full schedule of media meetings.

3) Create WTM PR and marketing assets

With 3,000 media attendees from some of the world’s biggest publications, creating a catalogue of clear and relevant marketing materials is vital to a successful WTM campaign. Essentials include 2020 media packs, journalist opportunities, blogs to be published via official WTM channels and social media content. This material can then be widely distributed from your stand, the press office and media meetings.

4) Don’t restrict yourself

Whilst targeting the 3,000+ media in attendance at WTM London is important, they shouldn't be your sole focus. As the EU’s leading travel event, media interest in the WTM stretches far beyond those at the fair. To maximise coverage and generate extra connections, create a pitching programme to those NOT attending - they are still interested in covering stories from the event.

5) Make use of in-house support

Take advantage of the exposure available from official WTM publication channels before and during the event. You can maximise your marketing assets and event strategy through in-house channels such as the new WTM Insights Podcast, pre-event TTG WTM feature, TTG@WTM official daily publications, WTM Interview Wall, WTM Exhibitor News and WTM Media Diary of Events.

6) Implement a supporting social media strategy

Schedule regular social media posts in the build up to and during the WTM, and maximise these through the #WTMLondon hashtag and the WTM social media handles. LinkedIn blogs, Instagram posts, interacting in Facebook groups and engaging with WTM Twitter hashtags are all free ways to compliment your overarching strategy. Last year AM+A managed to increase a client’s Twitter engagement by 246% in through WTM-specific activity.

7) Use the WTM to launch and plan 2020 campaigns

WTM is the ideal launching pad for 2020 campaigns, with leading national newspapers, consumer magazines, travel trade brands and digital influencers all in attendance. By creating a packed meeting schedule, distributing informative media packs and running events promoting your 2020 focus, you can generate an immediate buzz and kickstart your campaigns ahead of time.

8) Maximise networking through WTM events

During last year’s WTM, AM+A were able to generate over 1,000 business conversations from stand / evening marketing events. This provides an ideal opportunity to reach key decision makers / media whilst simultaneously showcasing your destination and upcoming 2019/20 campaigns. Connections are king.

9) Build contacts for 2020 campaigns

WTM London provides an ideal opportunity to build a database of media and leading industry decision makers from over 50,000 attendees. These contacts can then help kickstart your 2020 campaigns. To achieve the best results, attend key events including the pre-WTM PR workshop in July, host your own stand event during the fair, network extensively and schedule as many meetings as possible.  

10) Follow up your leads post WTM

Lastly, and certainly not least, it is vital to create a structured database and take the time to follow up with everyone you meet. The connections you make will have made thousands more. You must be organised, persistent and proactive to build and maintain a relationship.

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